Graphics Card Repair - Clear Heads against the hot temperament

Graphics Card Repair
BGA machine for Graphics Cards

The IPC-Computer workshop offers you an excellent service in the field of graphics card repairs. Whether plugged in or on-board graphics cards, we make your device work again. With our in-house BGA machine we can remove individual graphics chips with technical precision and replace them with a new one.

Repairing a graphics card is a difficult procedure and fails in the vast majority of cases without the appropriate equipment. A wrong assembly or missing heat conductor can lead to further fatal errors. Our trained and experienced technicians therefore pay attention to even the smallest detail during the repair and work with extreme caution.


All available external graphics cards

Graphics card repair troubleshooting

When making the error diagnosis, it is important to recognize and interpret the indications of a potential graphics card defect. A precise statement is only possible after the notebook has been sent in and technically checked, but with some error images the probability of a defect in the graphics card is already over 80%, such as for example:

  • The display shows "Hieroglyphics"
  • Image output only in safe mode or without graphics driver
  • The notebook boots completely, but without image output
  • No image output via an external display or output shows malfunctions
  • Crash / Bluescreen with indication of a graphic driver error

Videos surrounding the issue of graphics card repairs.

Error diagnoses that do NOT indicate a graphics card repair

On the other hand, laymen often mistakenly suspect a graphics card defect:

  • For sporadic image display errors
  • When the image output depends on the tilt angle of the display
  • The image output only works via the connection for external displays.