Connector Exchange - sensitive parts call for fingertip feeling

Data, power, audio jacks of external image output are the key and indispensable components for the operation and daily use of the device. Since these jacks are often located directly on the mainboard, it’s often considered that a complete exchange of the mainboard is necessary, which is usually expensive, cumbersome and slow. In some cases, this solution is impossible, namely, if the manufacturer has stopped production of spare parts for the concerning device.

At this time you can also ask the IPC-Notebook-workshop for help. Thanks to our trained skilled electronics technician, we can replace individual jacks for you. And how about it, if the manufacturer has already stopped the production of a component? In most cases, we can also find a workable, equivalent solution for your problem.

The costs keep for you within clear limits. Register your laptop today for an exchange of connectors with a lump-sum price!