ASUS laptop spare parts

ASUS Notebook and Laptop Spare Parts

IPC-Computer is an official ASUS spare parts distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Why should you order ASUS laptop spare parts directly from the distributor?

  • We can supply all currently available Asus notebook spare parts, whether batteries, power supplies or keyboards.
  • We have the best prices by sourcing directly from the ASUS service warehouse and headquarters in Taiwan.
  • We only offer original new goods
  • We usually ship within one business day
  • We stock over 2500 different Asus notebook spare parts in our warehouse in Germany

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The most popular ASUS notebook models at a glance

From beginner to gaming notebooks, Asus has it all. What you ultimately choose depends entirely on your individual needs. What all Asus models have in common is reliable quality and a powerful rechargeable battery.