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Our range of spare parts for HP Omen gaming laptops

The HP Omen notebooks stand for excellent performance, no matter in which scenario. The laptops convince with powerful Intel processors with up to eight cores, these offer enough performance whether for gaming or professional applications. Of course you also need a powerful graphics card for for demanding video games. Of course you will find one in the HP Omen series notebooks. The Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards can even overshadow some desktop PCs


HP Omen


Of course, the rest of the system can also underline the performance. For example, HP Omen notebooks can be configured with up to 32 GB RAM for unlimited multitasking. If you chose too little memory when configuring your notebook, it is usually easy to upgrade. You will find suitable RAM modules in our shop. And also in terms of mass storage we offer the right parts for every notebook. Whether you need a fast M.2 SSD or a large HDD, you will find it in our IPC-Computer Shop.

HP Omen display spare parts

Besides the pure performance, the display is also very important for gaming notebooks. Not only do HP Omen notebooks offer 15 and 17 inch displays resolutions up to Ultra-HD, but also with a high refresh rate. This means that information is displayed faster than on conventional displays. Normal monitors usually have a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, which means the picture is refreshed 60 times per second. With a refresh rate of 120, 144 or even 240 Hertz the picture is renewed thrice as often and information such as movements in the game is displayed earlier. The display is therefore an important component of a gaming notebook, so if there is a defect in the screen of your notebook, you can buy a suitable spare part from us.

HP Omen keyboards

A feature that is also present in many gaming notebooks is an illuminated keyboard. Often you can even adjust the color of the illumination for each key individually. But if you should have an accident during a game in the heat of the moment and they spill water on your keyboard or they break for some other reason, we also offer you a suitable spare part. In addition, we often offer keyboards in many different languages, so that you can, for example, install a keyboard in your native language on a device from abroad.

Besides spare parts that you have to install yourself, we also offer other spare parts and accessories, as well as a repair service. For example, if you have lost your power supply or want to leave a second one at your desk, you will quickly find the right one for your HP Notebook. Many notebooks nowadays also have USB type C. Over this connection many different devices can be connected, like displays and LAN and not only USB devices. Suitable USB-C adapters and docking stations can be found in our shop.

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