Lenovo Yoga spare parts

Lenovo Yoga Spare Parts

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Select your Lenovo Yoga notebook to find the right spare part for you

Lenovo Yoga 2 spare parts

Lenovo Yoga 2 Series

The Yoga 2 series is one of the older Yoga series. As with all Lenovo Yoga notebooks, the screen, which is also a touch screen, can be rotated 360°, so the device can also be used as a tablet. If you need a replacement display for your device, you can also find it in our shop.  Thanks to their attractive price, these devices are also ideal for pupils and students.


Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK (80MK/80SD) spare parts

Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK

This 13 inch notebook convinces with premium design and strong performance. With a fast SSD hard disk and large RAM, it is as powerful as many larger notebooks despite its thin construction. In addition to the good work performance, the device is also suitable for multimedia applications, with loud but very clear speakers and a high-resolution display. A disadvantage of the device is the proprietary charging connection of the device, but of course you can also find the power supply and the matching cable in our shop as a combo package.

Lenovo Yoga 500 spare parts

Lenovo Yoga 500

Lenovo's Yoga 500 series should offer most users a good notebook. With fast SSD and large memory, these devices are ready for multitasking and demanding tasks. Should you reach the limits of your hard drive, you will find a suitable upgrade in our shop. This is complemented by the touch screen, which makes operating the laptop more intuitive. By simply folding down the screen completely, you can turn the Yoga 500 notebooks into a tablet. The Lenovo Active Pen also allows you to quickly create accurate drawings and handwritten notes.


Lenovo Yoga 720

The Yoga 700 Series

With a construction largely made of aluminum, the notebooks are more robust and more valuable than those of the 500 series. A thinner construction and longer battery life make them even more mobile. If the capacity of your battery should decrease, you will find a replacement battery for your device in our shop or can have it replaced by our technicians. Up to two Thunderbolt 3 connectors provide a quick connection to the outside world. With these you can not only transfer data at speeds up to 40Gbit/s, but also connect monitors and other peripherals at the same time.