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Medion Notebook spare parts

Your benefits when purchasing spare parts from IPC-Computer

  • Original spare parts for a perfect fit
  • Direct purchase from Medion for best prices and best quality
  • Thanks to our large warehouse in Germany, we offer the fastest delivery times

Select your model series for the selection of the desired spare part

Select the notebook series for which you are looking for a spare part. In addition to suitable components for upgrading, such as RAM and SSD, we also offer spare parts specifically for each notebook. These include batteries and keyboards, but also many more.


Medion laptop models at a glance

Medion Akoya laptop

Medion Laptops of the Akoya Series

  • Devices for every budget class
  • From Multimedia Convertibles
  • Up to notebooks for more demanding tasks

Medion has become known as a manufacturer in Germany through the sale of notebooks at the discount store Aldi. However, this has also given them a reputation as a manufacturer of low-cost notebooks. To wrongly as we think, because in the Akoya series notebooks are also represented which can keep up in things performance and processing with considerable manufacturers. In addition, you will also find convertibles, i.e. devices where the screen can be rotated through 360°.

Medion Erazer laptop

Medion laptops of the Erazer series

  • More power for games
  • Large Full HD screen
  • SSD for short charging times

Besides the multimedia notebooks and ultrabooks of the Akoya series, Medion offers a series of notebooks which are optimized for computer games. The Medion notebooks of the Erazer series offer a lot of performance for a fair price. But also features like an illuminated keyboard and versatile connection possibilities do not have to be given up.

Popular Medion Notebooks